24 Hour Gym Space

The 2009 PNWJC Committee is proud to announce there will be 24 Hour Gym Space. This means you can stay up all night juggling.

This also means you don't need to find a hotel! Just bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag for when you want to get some sleep. The floor is carpeted and cushioned too.

But remember, it gets very cold at night in March. If you don't believe me, just check out weather.com's Average Weather for Corvallis. The temperature range is 38-56 degrees Fahrenheit. The facility which we are using for the gym, McAlexander Fieldhouse, is not heated... ever.

UPDATE: We have just been told that the maintenance guys will be turning on the heat for the weekend of the convention! So, in theory, it should be reasonably warm for us! woohoo! --Crizzly

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Anonymous said...

hooray for heat!