Unicyling at the PNWJC

Corvallis boasts a high per capita ratio of unicyclists. Join us at the convention for Unicycle workshops (equipment provided but please bring a helmet and sturdy shoes; Please fill out this waiver prior to unicycling at our event), a One Wheel Wonders formation demonstration, and a Unicycle Hockey scrimmage.

Times may change, but our plan is:

Sat. March 28, Workshops:
  • 11-Noon
  • OWW Team Demonstration 1-2 PM
  • 2-3 PM
  • Hockey 3-4 PM
Sun. March 29, Workshop:
  • 11-noon

The PNWJC is pleased to announce that Becky Banning will be attending!

Becky is 17, has been unicycling for 9 years and is part of the Panther Pride Unicycle Team in North Bend, WA. She has been to 6 North American Championships and 2 Internationals. She is the reigning North American Women's Freestyle Champion, recently winning 5 gold medals in artistic unicycling.

Becky will be helping with the unicycle workshops, giving demonstrations of some amazing skills and tricks. She is also performing in the public show Sat. night. If you are a unicyclists, don't miss this opportunity to see this amazing performer.

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Angela said...

The hockey "team" will try to bring a few extra hockey sticks and proficient riders may join in the fun on Saturday. If you have your own hockey stick, bring it along.

Anonymous said...

TYou are in for a treat when you see Becky perform. she is great.

Anonymous said...

Go Becky!! Show them how it's done!!

Anonymous said...

Omg your so definately the hottest unicyclist there is!!!

Oh, and can I have your number? hahahaha